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There are plenty of things to do in warscrap, and there is objectives that you make on your own, but here are the more general objectives.


The only way to NOT do this is be a Rogue, Rogues are downright cool, your own base (you have to share with other Rogues)

and 1 shop find base around the ruins. And if you are a rogue you can get a super core FOR FREE! They don't even try to attack.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives Description
Defending the Core Reactors from being destroyed Try to keep them alive as long as possible, becouse they gives you special moves! But now: without your help players can not defend them on continuing basis.
Taking on the challenge of defeating the Raid Boss Try out different techniques and beat it, and even attempt to solo it if you are feeling brave!
Unlocking all weapons and items found in the in-game shop Getting all the weapons makes you super cool, and everyone wants to be super cool. Go get 'em!
Engaging in PvP battles with Rogue players Want to be the best? Beat all the other rogues and rule them all! Or be rogue and beat up all normal players!
Competing for the Highest Rank on the Leaderboard Want to be the best without violence? Just get the highest score!
Farm cores Need money? Kill rogue NPC guarding supercores fore massive core drops (50-150 from one). When base is atacked, carry supercores from stash to base by jeep, preferably with gunners on board.